WePeople advanced HRM System is a fully integrated HR and Payroll Software. WePeople advanced HRM System software can streamline administrative tasks, reduce errors, increase efficiency, and provide insights into workforce trends and costs.

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Employee Data Management

The software allows HR teams to store and manage employee information, such as contact details, employment status, and job details.

Time & Attendance Tracking

This feature helps organizations track employee work hours, attendance, and leaves. It can also integrate with time clock systems and biometric devices for accurate tracking.

Reporting & Analytics

The software can generate reports on employee data, payroll costs, and workforce trends.

Payroll Processing

The payroll processing module shows the employee’s Dynamic salary component.

Shift Management

This feature allows HR to create and assign shifts for employees based on business needs and employee availability.

Task Management

This module helps management to assign tasks and projects to employees based on their job responsibilities and skills.

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About Mobile Application

WePeople advanced HRM System software is planned to reduce all the hassle and save time and cost. For attendance employees just needs to scan the Organization’s QR code by mobile application.

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About WePeople advance HRM System

WePeople advanced HRM System is designed to help companies manage their human resources and payroll functions. It typically includes modules for tasks such as managing employee data, tracking time and attendance, calculating and processing payroll, managing benefits and deductions, and generating reports. HR payroll software can streamline administrative tasks, reduce errors, increase efficiency, and provide insights into workforce trends and costs.

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People Says

"I was hesitant to switch to a new HRM software provider, but after using WePeople HRM software for a few months now, I'm glad we made the change. The software is intuitive and easy to use, and the customer support has been exceptional. They've been able to quickly address any questions or concerns we've had, which has given us peace of mind knowing we're fully supported."
Nazmul Bashar
Managing Director, Monarch Electronics
"WePeople HRM software has made managing our HR processes much more efficient. The system is easy to use, and has saved us a lot of time by automating many of our manual processes. The software also offers a lot of flexibility. Overall, we're very happy with our decision to use WePeople HRM software and would recommend it to others.”
Humayun Kabir
Chairman, Global Electrodes
“The system has helped us improve our employee engagement by providing valuable tools for performance management, career development, feedback and allowing us to customize our workflows and processes to fit our unique needs. The software has also been very reliable, with minimal downtime or issues. We highly recommend WePeople HRM software to any organization looking for a comprehensive HRM solution."
Michel Brown
Director, Lifespring, FL

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    Does WePeople HRM provide help with software implementation?

    Our top priority is to help you get started with "WePeople" HR as quickly as possible. We are committed to providing you with the best implementation, expert training, and support services to ensure that you can maximize the benefits of your system in no time. In addition, we offer access to helpful resources such as webinars, blog articles, and advisory services to further support your needs.

    HR (Human Resources) software is important for organizations for several reasons:

    • Automating administrative tasks.
    • Improving efficiency.
    • Enhancing compliance.
    • Improving communication.
    • Supporting decision-making.

    Our customers can subscribe to our HR and payroll software and support services on a monthly basis.